Hope Community Church

We Welcome You !


Our board members are very busy with all the projects going on at the church. Between the build, our growing youth program, Mission Zimbabwe project and more, they are always seeking God’s plan for our church.

Our Current board consists of the following people;

Alex Pendergast – Will be the first person you meet when you walk through the door – he is one of our Head Greeters and has a smile for everyone, he is also heavily involved in our Mens Ministry.

Jonathan Kabbes – Can often be found at our tech booth on Sunday mornings, andwould love to welcome you.

Nicki Decker – Is one of our Core Youth Leaders, she is bubbly and full of life and will never fail to make you smile, she also serves on our worship teams.

Barb Rutley – Has a tender heart for all areas of ministry and is quite involved at Hope. She is a part of the Women’s ministry leadership team, is in charge of all things nursery and to top it off, handles all church cleaning and bulletin updates. She is a woman of all trades!

Barry Mutrie – Handles and maintains all things Mission Zimbabwe – he is the fearless leader who tackles all fundraising events, updates, communications and child sponsorship. He has a passion for the people of Zimbabwe and would love to tell you all about it!

Each and everyone of them would love tomeet you and shake your hand at our Sunday 10:30 service. You will find themall included in various areas of ministry and often sharing updates on our upcoming programs and events.

Our Vision @ Hope